Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cute guys, coffee, and Murphy's Law

Yesterday, I looked as good as I can...I may even be so bold as to say, "I looked kinda cute."

Today, not so much.

I am clean, I even smell good, but my hair is in a messy ponytail and I am in the rattiest sweatshirt I own (my favorite, but not because it looks good). I am only working a few hours today while the students are away for spring break...so "who cares...be comfortable" I thought this morning.

Then it happened, it always happens and every woman who reads this will already know what I am going to say...I met a really hot guy. (Sorry if you thought I was going to say "I saw my ex-boyfriend in the grocery store" same principle so you are still right!) Crap...I have to go to the grocery on the way home, too! grrrr...

Even those of us who are confident, self-actualized, modern women still get self-conscious and, in my case, ditzy when sideswiped by feelings of heinousness while trying to seem alluring to the cute guy bantering with you.

I acted like a 15 year old girl being told she was pretty for the first time. I couldn't look the poor man in the eye, I slopped my Splenda, and I even stammered. Besides ditzy, I know I came across as uninterested and standoffish, as well, because that is the only defense mechanism I seem to have mastered in all these years...sadly...maybe I should take a martial art instead?!

Anyhoo...when cute guy left I just wanted to chase him down and yell "you should have seen me yesterday!!! I was cute AND I was calm!!!!!!"

In the end, I have at least learned that the best way to meet Mr. Right in LA is to look and feel revolting. He won't want anything to do with you, but at least you know he exists!

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