Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Great Great Grandfather - Archie

I am so excited to find this article! My mom found this website that includes info I knew nothing about. It is about my dad's great grandfather's folk art. I had heard that he "whittled" now and again, but that is typically Zimmerman to minimize everything. Well...I am okay with breaking that rule...and I am proud to brag about his art. Very cool Archie!!

The Folk Art of Archie Zimmerman 1861-1961

Pennsylvania folk artist.

Please click on the link above to see these great works of Indiana Folk Art.
If you've got your hands busy,you've got your mind going"
—Archie Zimmerman (recollected)

Folk Art: Pennsylvania 1861

Archibald Buchanan Zimmerman was born August 18, 1861 in Plumville, Pennsylvania. He lived for 100 years. This collection of folk art was rescued in its entirety (minus the later addition of one cock) from near his long time residence of Jasonville, Indiana.
Many of these pieces are dated and show a working span from as early as 1922 to as late as 1955. The stunning joy of finding this collection one day, out of the blue in rural Illinois is astounding. Driving home after a long weekend out antiquing, I put my foot on the dash and frustratingly declared that what we needed was to find some "real folk art".


  1. yay! it worked :) and that is so cool! I would be bragging too!

  2. Hi Missy: Archie's work is on the cover of Antique Week this week, November 1st, 2009. We're hoping to get an exhibit with the Indianapolis State Museum.... things are going well, your great great grandfather deserves to go down in the history books!


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