Sunday, April 19, 2009

My whole life is a lie!

I just read an article in Real Simple magazine by Jonah Leher called "10 ways to be a better thinker." Number 6 says "Be skeptical of your memories."

Apparently, scientists have proved that human memories are dishonest. "The act of recalling an event (say, your eighth birthday party) changes the structure of that memory in the brain."

So every time you open that "file" and think about how happy you were, how much fun you had, or how cool the gift I brought you was, you alter the memory. You ruin the reality, you change the story and make it false! Isn't that horrible?

And, therefore, since I obsess about every detail, of every moment I have ever lived...I guess I can only assume that my whole life is a lie!


  1. Hmmmm... might as well embellish & have a bunch of fabulous lies to tell when you're old & grey :-)

  2. Good point Julia! I am going to come up with good ones!


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