Sunday, June 28, 2009

A week of photo shoots!

On Saturday, I took photos of my "niece's" graduation so her parents could actually enjoy the event. (Good job Freddy!) I understand that you miss so much of life if you have the camera stuck to your eye...and your baby's graduation should be enjoyed! It was fun, but I am not super good at taking people...and taking photos of people indoors is really not easy for me.
There is an important moment when you are taking graduation pictures, when you have to walk up the aisle in front of everyone. You crouch down ready to get THE shot of the handshake. You hope the graduate thinks to look your way and stay still, and you hope you don't flop over on your side and create a domino effect with all the other photo crouchers. My moment came and I got a robe and a blur of nervous graduate swishing past the principal. So, I blew the big shot, but even more horrid...I was crouched thinking that I had to uncrouch in front of all those people in my 20 inch heels and do it without looking pained or grunting loudly. It was not my finest moment, but I channeled my inner Beyonce' and swooped up and waddled to the back of the hall and let out a huge sigh of relief!

A few days later, I took photos for a friend's website of her dance class. I had been nervous because I didn't want to disappoint her. I don't have professional lighting and I really didn't know exactly how well I would do. (I obviously have confidence problems!) Her class is "Dances of the World" and it included Bollywood, Charleston, Salsa, Belly Dancing, Samba, was the most fun group fit classes I have ever seen. The energy was great and so much fun. I even quit shooting stills and started filming some of the Bollywood Dancing. Again, I loved it. We spent time before the class taking stills of dance poses with about 6 dancers and later I just walked around the class (and lying on the floor) taking shots. The photos I have included here are random blurry shots and know I can't resist the weird.

I am sure she will use other shots on her site, but I liked these. Next time, I will definitely have to join the fun!

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