Thursday, June 28, 2012

Boys and their toys...

Over the last few years my girlfriends and I have been keeping a list of the hobbies we would abhor in our the point of break-up or, in fact, never accepting date number one. 

I thought I'd share some of that list with you tonight.

Renaissance Faire - actors, vendors, or even those interested in attending (I feel VERY strongly about this!!)

Star Trek costume wearing enthusiasts 

Actually, any kind of event where costumes are the norm (except Halloween parties)

Any event where speaking in a ridiculous accent is the norm (except nothing)

Actors (and therefore, waiters)

Rodeo riders, or just those who like the outfits (I think there is a place for the outfits, my friends were adamantly against)

Car enthusiasts...especially old cars that old, unkempt men stand around staring at...

Action figure collectors

Those who chain themselves to trees or other such symbols of the love of Tevas

Snooty wine connisuers or their opposites who think "drinkin' a 40" is the height of cool

Charter members of The Hair Club for Men (I like a bald head, again, my friends)

Coke know who you are (and now bath salt snorting, face chewers!)

Karaoke singers...though among us the degree of disgust varies

and anyone whose desire for diaper wearing has nothing to do with incontinence!!

I am sure this list is not exhaustive, please feel free to add a few. We ladies agreed that we do like our men to have interests and passions, some we could get behind, and others we love them to do on boys night.

I think I most prefer in my man an interest in sports, maybe cleaning house, and me, of course...

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